Leaf Pile or Puddle? NaBloPoMo


Without a doubt, my choice would be to jump in the leaf pile. I have issues with getting my shoes wet. I also do not want to jump in barefoot. So the leaf pile seems like a much drier choice. What would I do if the puddle dries up? The leaves can also be raked into a pile until either I am worn out or the leaves are too crumbled.

My kids love to jump in the leaves. Maybe because they can make a mess and get dirt under their fingernails without anyone freaking out about germs. I should probably freak out about germs. But they always look like they are having fun so I let it go.

P.S. It is also a good thing to have a rake handy. Guess what’s going on my shopping list next. 🙂


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  1. As a kidlet, I loved the mud, I was a dirty dirty girl.

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