Scared of Heights? NaBloPoMo



All my mom ever wanted was a kid to go on roller coasters with her. Unfortunately, I was not that kid. Amusement parks were more likely to trigger a panic attack than feelings of joy and excitement. I like people watch and maybe ride the tilt-a-twirl. Watching people was almost worth the price of admission.
One of the questions my mom asked when I would bring home a new boyfriend was "Does he ride roller coasters?" Some did, others did not.
Many years later, I had a daughter. She loves roller coasters. I was so thankful that I could finally bring somebody for my mom to ride roller coasters with. I have two other daughters, who also love riding any ride that they can. They are all so happy at amusement parks. I'm just happy to take pictures and watch people. It's a win-win for everyone.

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