Buttered bread: NaBloPomo

“In your experience in life, does bread always fall on the buttered side?”

There are some days when the bread falls on the buttered side. It seems like those are the day that everything goes wrong anyway. So it’s not as much of a shock. I know that I have thought “Of course, the bread falls on the buttered side. Why wouldn’t it?”
Other days you might catch the bread before it hits the floor. Like anything else, the situation depends on your attitude. How are you going to deal with the mess? Are you going to let it affect your day or let it roll off of your shoulders?
Hopefully we will realize that the buttery mess and loss of one piece of bread is something that we can bounce back from fairly quickly.


2 responses to “Buttered bread: NaBloPomo”

  1. Does the fact that I let my dog clean up the buttery mess imply that I let others clean up my life messes? I need to consider this now, lol.

    1. lol. If I had a dog, I would. 😉 Not sure if that’s what it means. . . I will have to consider it also.

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