Time Flies: NaBloPomo

Polar Princess 2012

Halloween is my favorite holiday. I love getting my kids dressed up. Since they are old enough to decide, it has been interesting to see what costumes they choose.
For example, my oldest daughter wanted to be a zombie masquerade Barbie. At the last minute, she switched to masked murderer. In the end, she did not wear a costume at all. Since she didn’t wear her mask, I wore it during trick or treating.
Time really seems to fly. It seems like it wasn’t that long ago that my oldest kid was dressing up like unicorns and princesses. She was also a witch for two or three years in a row. She’s growing up and trick or treating is not as cool. I will miss her dressing up. Maybe in a few years it will be cool again.


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  1. I miss these days with my daughter! Such fun!

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