Favorite Character: Barnabas Collins . . . NaBloPoMo

Favorite Character: Barnabas Collins   . . . NaBloPoMo

My favorite movie character is Johnny Depp as Barnabas Collins. Most of my other favorite characters have also been played by Johnny Depp – Captain Jack Sparrow, Sands in “Once Upon a Time in Mexico” and the Mad Hatter.

Barnabas Collins is an interesting character and a snazzy dresser. He’s definitely not perfect. Even when he was a mortal, he was seriously flawed. He’s not completely good but he’s not without some ethics. Barnabas was protective of his 20th-century family, especially the little boy, David. Barnabas was so unlucky in love. Of course, most of it was his own doing but I still wished that he could find a companion.

I just started watching the “Dark Shadows” television series. Unfortunately, I was not born when it was originally on television.

P.S. I found a “Dark Shadows” character quiz. 🙂 I’m Elizabeth Collins Stoddard.

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