I’m Not Done Yet and You aren’t Either.

I'm Not Done Yet and You aren't Either.

So recently, it came to my attention that a friend, who shall remain anonymous, tried to commit suicide. Depression was a major factor but something from the past triggered this episode.
If my friend reads this, here is what I want to say. I do know how you feel. However, my outlook on life changed. I am grateful to be alive because I wasn’t done yet. You aren’t done either. You still have children, grandchildren and many other family members that need you in their lives. I’m sure that you don’t want to miss special moments in their lives.
It’s not too late to get help and change the course of your own life. Your life still holds promise.

Here is a link to a suicide hotline if anyone needs help or knows someone that does: http://suicidehotlines.com/national.html
The number is 1-800-SUICIDE. (1-800-784-2433)

Here is a link with an international number: http://www.suicide.org/suicide-hotlines.html

Photo credit: I can’t remember who did it. It’s pinned on Pinterest.

5 thoughts on “I’m Not Done Yet and You aren’t Either.”

    1. Thanks for asking. I think it’ll be ok, just a long road ahead. Was worried the post is too much. But maybe it will help someone.

      1. That is why I said well done, you helped…
        If we can help one person Holley as we go and blog and have fun and things get real and we help..
        ..Then it is worth..

        Brilliant by you, be proud of what you did here..

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