Proud: NaBloPoMo

Proud: NaBloPoMo

What am I most proud of?

Besides my children, I think that my biggest accomplishment was becoming a survivor instead of a victim. It was not an easy transformation.
I knew that I was not a victim anymore when I saw the dude last year at the store. He talked and I kept walking. I still bought my things at the store. He sent me an email a few months ago. He said his tone was unpleasant. Unpleasant? Unpleasant does not even begin to describe how much damage this person did to me and my family.
So I will continue to live my life in spite of his unpleasantness. It has taken a long time to get to the point of not caring what he does or what he thinks. Here I am. I’m not anyone’s victim anymore.


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  1. Beautiful song. I do not understand what you wrote above but I offer a hug to you Holley !

    1. Thanks. Did I write in jibberish again? 😉 I think I know what you mean.

      1. No, you mentioned a personal story and it just worried me is all.

      2. Ohhhh. Nothing to worry about. Everything is ok. Six years ago it was a different story.

      3. Oh okay : ) Hugs : )

      4. 🙂

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