Hell Yeah I Have a Potty-Mouth


There was an article in The Atlantic about which states residents curse the most. Ohio won. Who knew we curse so damn much?
I knew that I had a potty mouth when I heard my oldest kid, who was about two years old, repeating my road rage curses. Apparently, I had forgotten someone else was in the car with me. Luckily, she didn’t go home and repeat “Whatch where you’re going jackass!” My youngest has been a repeater lately. From what she says, I say shit and dammit. A lot. Mostly in the car. The whole driving on the road with people who don’t know how to drive either is aggravating as hell.
Honestly, I try to limit my cursing. I don’t curse at work. Older people and nuns really don’t like it. They don’t like tattoos as much as younger generations do either. They would be slightly horrified if they saw my tattoos and heard my potty mouth.
I try not to drop f-bombs in front of my mother. She doesn’t really care but it doesn’t feel natural or necessary.
So yay Ohio!! We’re winning at something finally!!