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12 Days of Christmas: Magic


Although I’m not a sugar plum fairy anymore, I still believe that there is something magical about the holidays. It’s just more difficult to find.
We’re all trying to recapture the magic. We drive ourselves crazy with shopping, decorations, holiday cards, Christmas programs, office Christmas parties, Secret Santa gift exchanges and so on. It’s not as simple as it used to be.
I think it can be simple again. The magic is in giving to others. It’s in the joy of watching kids open presents. Honestly, it is so much better to see how happy they are than to open my own presents.
The magic is in Christmas carols. Sometimes, they are so beautiful that I tear up a little. I still take some teasing from my friends, but it’s all in good fun. “O Holy Night” always brings tears to my eyes. On a side note, I’m also a big fan of Wham’s “Last Christmas.”
I think there is magic in Christmas because there is hope. Some of us hope for a better tomorrow or true love. Some of us are still hoping for a unicorn (hint . . hint Santa). Whatever the wish is, there is magic in knowing it is a possibility. It doesn’t hurt to dream of having or doing something fabulous. Like being a sugar plum fairy again. Since I’ve misplaced my wand, I will be doing something else fabulous like donating toys or taking wedding pictures for a friend. (The last one scares me a little but it will be fine)
Happy Holidays! Hope you all find a little magic this year!

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