Take a Chance Monday: Flashback Poetry


Apparently, I wrote this after having a hangover. Oh, to be young again.

Lament of a pigtailed chick

strawberry perfume oil
reminds me that
I love Strawberry Shortcake

and Joshua
he would’ve loved me
if I was alive and blonde

I swore to God
that i wouldn’t drink anymore
I slept in the ruby bathroom
until Tuesday

I emerged
strawberry perfume oil.

“Just a small town girl – living in a lonely world.” Concert tickets are practically essential. Musicals are the key to life. I like movies, music,books, and corny jokes.

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  1. Kendall Patton – US – Kendall is a North Carolina stay-at-home mother, entrepreneur, and wife. She has 2 boys and 1 girl who she affectionately named Monkey Boy, Turtle Boy, and Kangaroo Girl. Kendall's passion is helping others, through in-depth conversations about all the hard, ugly, good, and beautiful aspects of life, as she helps guide women through their own personal changes and transformations. Kendall believes women are the true leaders of this world and that through adequate support, encouragement, and guidance, are able to be fully happy, healthy, whole, independent, and free. As a women's life empowerment coach, Kendall helps women to find, discover, and create their own rhythms and routines to support their whole self - body, mind, and spirit, so they can harness their own free and independent power. "Remember to always live a life full of breath and be present in all the moments that are offered to you!"
    Life Breath Present says:

    mmm…strawberry perfume oil and strawberry shortcake 🙂

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