Time or Perfection: NaBloPoMo

What puts more pressure on you: time constraints or achieving perfection?


Time. I feel pressure from not having enough time. When I’m at work, there’s hardly any time to get all of the residents showered,and ready for breakfast. Somehow my co-workers and I get everything done. It’s hardly ever perfect but we’re okay with imperfection. As long as our tasks are completed and everything is clean, our imperfections are usually overlooked or forgiven.
Cleanliness will never be overrated. It would be nice to have more time to get housework done. If this winter weather never stops, I will have tons of time to clean. Of course, I would have to get off of the computer first.
Being on the computer can take up several hours of my time everyday. Between Facebook activities, working on photos and blogging, an hour goes by much faster than I’d like. I’m positive that the laundry is ready be switched over and folded right now. Laundry = a never-ending cycle.

photo: http://media-cache-ec0.pinimg.com/736x/63/5a/32/635a32966502fe4aff283af71a6d7fe4.jpg

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