NaBloPoMo: Blogging is Beautiful

NaBloPoMo: Blogging is . . .

You meet an alien and need to explain to it blogging. Explain what blogging is (and what blogging means to you) without ever using the word “blog.”

A blog is a place online where a writer, photographer or artist can express their ideas to an audience. They can write about any subject. Some writers have written about comic books, movies, injustices in the world. . . The list can go on and on. The post can include videos, photographs and links to other websites.
There are also challenges that anyone can participate in on a daily or weekly basis. As far as photo challenges, I like to do Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge, Ese’s Shoot & Quote Photo Challenge and the Travel Theme Photo Challenge.
There’s not a winner in the challenges. It gives everyone a chance to see what type of photographs other people are taking. There are so many ways that people can interpret one theme, like Red or Celebrity.
The audience is generally other people who have similar interests. It can be a great experience to share our ideas and artwork with each other.

(I only used the forbidden word once. I think I pass the challenge for today.)


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  1. Blogging is SO fun!

    1. It is! And very addictive 🙂

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