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What helps you keep thoughts in perspective so they don’t overwhelm you?

Staying focused when there are so many things to do can be challenging. Most days, I try to focus
on what I need to do that day. Sometimes I have to only focus on one hour at a time. Some days when I feel bogged down, it’s one minute at a time. It’s important to have a plan for what needs to be done and to keep in mind what is a priority. Some days we all have to do laundry before we can do any more blogging. Unfortunately, blogging isn’t going to make dinner either.
If it becomes necessary to make a list or use a blogging calendar, then it’s fine to use whatever tools are available. I was just reading that WordPress has a calendar in the widget section. I haven’t used the calendar but it could be worth a test run.
As far as writing, I keep several journals for different types of writing. I have a journal for blogging so I can keep a list of prompts and ideas. I also have a journal for writing children’s stories and another for poetry.
It’s nice to have journals available for when I’m not close to a computer. If I kept them all in one notebook, I think the ideas would get mixed up. I wouldn’t be able to keep track of anything.
Photography is a different issue. The photos that I take are sort of organized on my computer by date. It’s helpful if I remember the date but not very helpful if I can’t remember at all. My media library is a trainwreck. If there is a way to organize it so I can find what I need that would be wonderful. There are so many pictures in my library that I get overwhelmed. I will be checking to see if there are tools in WordPress for photographs.


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