Signed, Lucas: Awesome Bands

Signed, Lucas: Awesome Bands

If Lucas were writing this post, it would be to tell you about bands that had potential for greatness. For whatever reason, these bands didn’t reach legendary status.

We discussed Canned Heat. They played the Monterey Pop Fest and Woodstock. Canned Heat was pretty jammin’ and always a crowd favorite. What happened to them since then? Apparently, several line-up changes and the death of Alan “Blind Owl” Wilson affected the band’s success. Currently, Canned Heat still performs. However, there are not any original band members in the line-up. I would still like to see them because I would be willing to bet that they are still a great band.
If you want to see all of the line-ups for Canned Heat, visit There are a lot of different line-ups. I lost count after twenty.

Lucas also brought up a local band, 9Fire. They aren’t together at the moment. He thought they were awesome. I only got to see them once but I have to agree that they were awesome. We aren’t sure why they aren’t together anymore.
Here is a link to their songs on Reverbnation.

The lead singer does some solo stuff

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