We’ll Always Have Antarctica: A Comic Book Love Story


Is there a place in the world you never want to visit? Where,
and why not?

Going to Antarctica is not on my bucket list. After the harsh winter, I’m fairly certain that I do not want to visit. Ever.
Antarctica reminds me of this guy that worked at my favorite comic book store. I told my friend for weeks and weeks about how cute the guy was. One day, we went to the comic book store while he happened to be working. It was a coincidence. I hadn’t gotten to the point of stalking him yet.
Anyway. . . my friend decided today was the day that I should ask the comic book guy out. I was locked out of the car until I asked.
So I asked. He said yes. We went on a date. I asked him if he wanted to travel anywhere. He said “Antarctica.” Immediately, I felt cold and he seemed less cute. He was very nice and I should have overlooked the coldness. Or was it a sign? Maybe we could have been like Gambit and Rogue. I guess we’ll never know. We can blame it on Antarctica and cold chills.



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