Why You Shouldn’t Picket the Funeral of Fred Phelps

Why You Shouldn't Picket the Funeral of Fred Phelps

Former Westboro Baptist Church member, Fred Phelps, has passed away. Although it might be tempting to picket his funeral, it might be better to turn the other cheek in this case. Picketing his funeral would only make you just as shameful and disgusting as he and the Church have been. However, no one else should degrade them to get justice or revenge. It won’t help ease the pain.
There could be other ways to deal with his passing. What about sponsoring a LGBT activity or charity in his name? In my opinion, doing something in his honor that he disdained would be a more peaceful resolution. It would save a lot of people from lowering themselves to the Westboro Baptist Church’s level, which is very low. It takes a certain type of person to picket a funeral. I don’t think that any of you lack compassion to that degree.

I’ve listed some LGBT charities if anyone would like to make a donation in the name of Fred Phelps. Even if you’d rather not mention his name, the charities could use the help.

Human Rights Foundation Campaign

Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice


The Point Foundation

Link about Fred Phelps:


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  1. Great post. It takes a bigger, better person to do good rather than seek revenge. He will have his. That is not for us to manage.

  2. I always try to remember that no matter how completely horrible a person may be, they are loved by someone. I’m donating to the Matthew Shepard foundation. You know, I think we all know about Matthew Shepard, and how deep hatred can go because of Fred Phelps, and while he was vile – he did unite people wanting to protect families from his protests and making a stand against all forms of hate – those are the things I choose to remember about his protests

  3. Hopefully, the church he founded will disband after losing their version of a Kim Jong Il. Fred Phelps should be entering Hell’s atmosphere right about now in a handbasket. Without a heat shield.

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