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NaBloPoMo: I’ve Got Personality



p>What is your favorite personality trait that you possess?

My best personality trait is that I’m curious about almost everything, except math. I ask a lot of questions and research whatever topic is on my mind. Google and I are on a first name basis these days.
When I was little, I really loved Curious George. I loved him so much that I ate his nose. Apparently, I was curious about how it tasted. It must have been good because I ate his eye. When I was in college, I gave Curious George an eyebrow ring. I think he looked super cute. Currently, I’m wondering what happened to him. Where could that little monkey be?
We’re a lot alike. We are curious to a fault. People think we are troublemakers but we are not causing trouble on purpose. Well, we don’t cause trouble purposely all of the time. Maybe we have a gift for getting attention that can give the wrong impression to others. So I’m trying to use this curiosity for good and not evil by writing the blog. It gives me something to do besides trouble making.
If anyone sees my monkey, let me know. I haven’t been sleeping much without him. He’s about a foot high, red shirt, red hat and an eyebrow ring. He’s missing an eye and a nose.

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