NaBloPoMo: I Want to be Left Alone


Do you enjoy being alone? What do you do when you’re by yourself?

The answer is a resounding “YESSSS!!!” I like being by myself – maybe too much. It’s not that I don’t like people. However, sometimes when I go out people think I’m not having a good time because I’m not dancing or being loud and crazy. So I have more problems with people trying to fix me than anything. It’s not true that I’m not having fun because I’m not dancing. Maybe I just want to listen to the band. There are things that I don’t share with everyone, like how my body hurts. So as much as I love dancing, my body isn’t up to it. Please do not drag me on the dance floor. If I want to dance, by golly I will. Please do not touch me because apparently I don’t like it. For real. The only people that get away with that are my kids, my mom and my boyfriend. Otherwise, I turn into She-Hulk and it’s not so pretty. I guess I have a low tolerance for ridiculousness. Not the show, the show is ridiculous and hilarious.
When I’m by myself, I do a lot of blogging, either posts or something related to blogging. Usually I take a couple photographs every day. Recently, I added the Instagram app to my phone. It’s one of my favorite apps. If I have any extra time, I do something related to comic books. I read my comic books, visit the store or read blogs about comic books.
I watch musicals that my boyfriend isn’t into, like “Les Miserables” or “Rent.” I also watch movies on “Netflix.” Pinterest is one of my favorite websites of all time. If you want to follow me there, here is the link : http://www.pinterest.com/holley4734/


It’s not that I’m never lonely. I’m just able to amuse myself most of the time.


  1. That is EXACTLY how I am. I love being alone. I went to a conference once and that night after dinner, I faked feeling ill so I could go to my hotel room and watch cable in my jammies while everyone else was drinking at the bar!

  2. That’s me too! I’ve always been able to keep myself entertained, even when I was younger. I don’t mind being around people (at times) but I also really don’t mind being myself. Art, books, movies, TV, keeps me plenty entertained!

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