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NaBloPoMo: First Diary


How old were you when you started your first diary?

My first diary . . . I might have been about twelve or thirteen when I had my first diary. It seems like it was a cream colored journal with several flowers on the cover and a lock. Why are the locks on diaries so easy to open?
I stopped keeping a journal later in my teenage years. When I would re-read my entries, I was so embarrassed at how shallow my thoughts were. There were a lot of entries about what I was wearing or what Joni was wearing. Some were about how cute Chachi was.
The only entry that had any significance was the date that Nelson Mandela was freed from prison. Unfortunately, it was only one sentence long. What did I know about Mandela? I was so worried about Joni and Chachi and their wardrobe. Typical teenager.
When I was in college, I kept poetry journals. Personal but not so shallow. Currently, I keep blog journals, writing journals and poetry journals. There hasn’t been any mention of Joni or Chachi.

*Names have been changed to protect real idenities.*

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