TMI Mr. President, TMI: NaBloPoMo

Are there some scandals that you wish you didn’t know about?

The only scandal that I don’t think I need to know about was President Clinton’s situation with Monica Lewinsky. It doesn’t seem like it’s any of anyone else’s business. I’m not his wife.
Does it make him less trustworthy? It’s a moot point. He’s a politician. No one trusts politicians anyway, which is unfortunate.
Did it make him unable to run the country? No, not really. Somehow he kept his bad personal decisions separate from other decisions.
There were some funny “Saturday Night Live” skits about the scandal. Other than the skits, I could have done without hearing about Monica Lewinsky.

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  1. Thanks for sharing

  2. I usually like to know details about a scandal so I can get a better understanding about someone. Especially if it is the person running our country. I think that it speaks volumes about someone. Yes someone might make one mistake we all have but since he went in court and straight lied about it. That is where I think it became everyone’s buisness. If he wasn’t even going to tell the truth in court how can you expect anyone too. Just my opinion though. Thanks for sharing yours!!

    1. Oh yes, I don’t agree with lying about it at all. I just didn’t think it was anyone’s business in the first place. 🙂 Thanks for commenting! 🙂

      1. I wasn’t trying to imply that about you. sorry if it came out that way. Just putting my 2 cents in!!

      2. I didn’t think that at all. No worries. You bring up an excellent point. I appreciate your 2 cents. 🙂

  3. Great article!

  4. Bill Clinton has always reminded my of my Bio-Dad. My biological father had the same southern charm, the same smarts, and the same love of women. Despite my father’s personal failings, they really affected no one but my mother and myself and while they did affect us deeply, no one else was really hurt – same thing with Clinton. My father was involved in local politics, and did an amazing job for his city – he was just a rotten husband and father to us.

    1. What is it about charming men? Sorry for the rotten stuff.

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