NaBloPoMo: Frogs & Princes


Have you ever gotten involved with someone you shouldn’t have had a relationship with?

There have been several frogs that I was involved with that did not turn into princes. They are still out there trying to convince some unsuspecting woman that they are princes. I’ve heard that one even started a fake Facebook account to lure in a potential girlfriend.
If I could take my time machine back, I would not date any of the frogs for more than two dates if at all. When I was younger, I did not know what I was worth. I thought that I was less of a person if I was alone. I was so wrong. Being alone can be a time of reflection or to try new hobbies. I see people all of the time trying to make every frog they see into a prince or princess. They never have a break between one stinky frog and the next one.
Loneliness stinks but so do frogs when they don’t shower. Frogs don’t clean up after themselves either.
So loneliness can be turned into the following equation: Independence + Sense of Self + Get a Hobby = Awesome.
Compare it to the Frog Prince equation: Stinky Frog Boyfriend/Girlfriend + No fun + More Drama than Necessary = A waste of your time.
So listen to your instincts. If your instincts say he is a frog then don’t waste any more time trying to make him a prince.

P.S. Real frogs don’t really smell that bad. However, if their owners don’t clean the tank, it will smell really bad.

4 responses to “NaBloPoMo: Frogs & Princes”

  1. I like your attitude, Holley. You need not hop to every frog who winks toward your lily pad.

    1. That is good advice 🙂

  2. Would that teenage girls and 20-somethings would take this advice. I wish I had, and can only pray my daughter will listen. Skip the drama, right?

    1. Yes, absolutely skip the drama! 🙂

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