Unexpected Ally: Tipsy Lit prompt


For this week’s prompt, your character must work with or against someone unexpected. This can be an enemy suddenly turned ally or ally suddenly turned enemy.

AmandaLynnMayhew. http://www.deviantart.com/morelikethis/326922776/photography/transportation?view_mode=2#skins

I never thought that I would see Violet Chopper again. Well, I thought she drove her motorcycle off of a cliff. Who knew she would survive?
I was more surprised that she would try to save me from my own certain doom. While I was driving over the bridge, someone ran my car over the side. So there I was trapped in my car, which was sinking.
Violet and I started out as frenemies and it went down-hill from there. You could say that we are mortal enemies. After she died or apparently didn’t die, I didn’t look over my shoulder to see her sabotage my life again and again. They were the ten most peaceful years of my life.
Why was she saving me now? Was she really saving me or just waiting to throw me back into the water herself?
After she pulled me out of , I asked her the first million-dollar question, “Why did you save me Violet?”
She answered, “I realized when I drove off of that cliff that you weren’t the cause of my problems. Until then I blamed you for everything that went wrong. In return, I made your life miserable.”
Then I asked my second question, “Where have you been all of this time?”
“I spent a few months in the hospital after the accident. Then I went to a Buddhist retreat for several years. After that I just traveled the world until I felt compelled to return. It seemed like a good time to clear the air of all misunderstandings. Lucky for you I guess.” Violet answered.


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