NaBloPoMo: Comment Sections are Soap Operas

Are there any comment sections online that you refuse to read?

Who has time to read through comment sections? Generally, if I’m reading an interesting article, I will browse the comment section.
Most of the time, I stay away from the comment sections of the local newspaper and one blog. I’m not even going to name the blog because I don’t want that kind of drama in my comment section. Who needs that kind of nonsense and criticism? Not me. Really, I’ll be okay. So I ask myself, why am I still following this blog? I keep hoping that I’ll like it eventually.
The comment section of the newspaper and the unnamed blog remind me of a soap opera. When I feel like my life needs some drama, I watch can watch an actual soap opera like “Days of Our Lives.” I used to watch “Guiding Light” every day after school. Whenever I see Robert Newman and Kim Zimmer (Josh and Reva),I feel a little nostalgic.
However, I do not feel the same way about comment sections. Sometimes, I avoid them like the plague.
I'm avoiding you . . .
I’m avoiding you . . .

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