Tasty: Daily Post


You have to choose one flavor that your sense of taste will no longer be able to distinguish. Sweet, sour, bitter, salty, umami, spicy (not a taste per se, but weโ€™re generous): which one do you choose to lose?

I should like hazelnuts. I should like hazelnut coffee syrup. But I do not. In fact, hazelnut flavoring is my least favorite tasting thing in the whole world. I like it even less than sauerkraut. Whenever I try to make myself like it, I’m always disappointed. The aftertaste isn’t good either. I realize that I’m in the minority on this one.
Nutella is the only thing with hazelnuts that I like. It is unbelievably good. Why can’t hazelnut syrup taste more like Nutella? It’s a shame that hazelnuts have to taste so bad.

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