Short or Long Decade: NaBloPoMo

Do you think of a decade as a short or long period of time? (Is the century a 10th full or a 10th empty!)

Sometimes it doesn’t seem like things have changed. Then I remember that ten years ago, I was 30. I was married to someone else. Everything was different. I didn’t have so many goals. I was just trying to get through the day every day. I didn’t listen to music as much. The television was usually on Nickelodeon. I miss my “Dora the Explorer” naps. Back then, I watched a lot of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.”

So when I think about how I didn’t know most of the people that I talk to now, that is crazy how time plays with your mind.

I’m glad that the past can stay in the past. We can all move forward. Then reminisce in ten years about how good it was to be 40.

This was about ten years ago.

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