Picking up the Pieces: Tipsy Lit

For this week’s prompt, your story should include some form of picking up the pieces.

Ella used to have all kinds of stuff- toys, clothes, clothes for her Barbie – in her own house.
Now she was down to having an afghan and a toothbrush. Even the clothes she was wearing weren’t really hers. She had to pick from the clothes in her size from the donation bin. Her new afghan was donated by Suzie from Project Linus.
Someday, when Ella had a family of her own, they wouldn’t end up in a place like this. They wouldn’t have to accept donations or go to the food back. Her family would never beg for anything. She was going to keep the blanket as a reminder to make a better life for herself, not that she needed to be reminded. Living in a homeless shelter would always be a very vivid memory for Ella.


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