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Maybe more majestic. But the mountains have their own magic.

Does anyone have a scary bucket list? When was the last time you had a chance to do something on your bucket list that ended up being so scary, cringe-worthy, or unbelievably tacky that you wanted to close your eyes but at the same time you could not look away? This is a story of one of those scary times happened to us. Well, in all fairness, I think I was the only one who was scared.

It was my probably own fault. I chose the destination. Why didn’t I choose a different area? Seeing the Rocky Mountains was on my bucket list. I wanted to stop somewhere and take pictures.

We were about three hours outside of Denver. On this particular day, we had a lovely day on a white water rafting trip. Afterwards, Lucas wanted to go spend time in the mountains that were close by. So I had the brilliant idea to go see the mountains closer to Denver. I misjudged when the sun would be setting.

Who knew it would get dark so quickly?

On a side note, no one ever knows when the rain is coming or how long it will last. Local residents are never really surprised that it randomly rains practically every day.

So there we were driving through the Rocky Mountains at night during a thunderstorm. We were at the point in the mountains where the inclines are steeper and there are runaway truck ramps. There were a few times that I thought we should stop so I could take pictures. But I didn’t say anything. Why didn’t I say something?

I guess I thought we were in a race against the sunset. We totally lost the race. We were so close to our destination. But the road to the mountain was especially curvy. I closed my eyes several times because I thought we might be going over the edge. At any moment, I was positive that an elk or a moose was going to jump out at us.

No map

Of course, I could not get a signal and we didn’t have a map. My boyfriend was so annoyed and I was on the verge of a meltdown. So it was time to go home. If only I could get my GPS to work faster. The GPS finally decided to come back on. I was so relieved that we were going back to civilization.

In Hindsight:

We should have stayed in the area where we started. Hopefully, I’ll remember next time. At least I can cross the Rocky Mountains off of the bucket list. So it was not a total loss.

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