Falling Asleep with Sunglasses : daily post


What can you do when you need a vacation from the return flight from an actual vacation?

Recently, Lucas and I returned from vacation. It was a great vacation. We had very few setbacks and even fewer disagreements. I owe most of that to having GPS on my phone and a pair of sunglasses. GPS and sunglasses truly saved the vacation from disaster.

Of course, we didn’t expect everything to be perfect. Our flight was delayed for four hours. So that meant we would be leaving at midnight instead of 8 p.m. It also meant that we would be landing at 5 a.m. instead of midnight.

Exhaustion was imminent. It was going to happen no matter how much we tried to nap at the airport. I find it almost impossible to sleep at the airport. There is too much going on everywhere.

I don’t remember falling asleep with my sunglasses on but it happened. After a long nap, an Egg McMuffin, coffee, and a shower, I felt as close to brand new as I could get.


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