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The Vegetarian Days are Over . . . Darn it.


Dear Readers,

Today is day . . . I don’t know really. It could be day 15 of the Vegetarian Stand-off with Darling Daughter. Maybe stand-off is too harsh of a term.
Unfortunately, Darling Daughter has been seen eating meat. The pepperoni pizza has proven to be too much temptation for her. So many people who try a vegetarian diet have given in before she did. I think a lot of people cave in when they smell bacon. Mmmm. . . bacon.
I’m proud of her anyway for trying. Who is to say that she can’t try again? I hope that she does try to eat healthier. I have a whole bunch of chickpeas left in the refrigerator if anyone wants to come over for hummus.
There are so many recipes that the family didn’t get to try yet. We are still going to try this avocado pasta recipe. We love avocados and pasta. It could be a perfect combination of yumminess.

P.S. I think Little Sister #1 and Little Sister #2 are probably overjoyed at the thought of not eating tofu or hummus.

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