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Crafty Time: Do You Wanna Build a Scrapbook Page?


I really thought about building my own snowman. However, to save myself the aggravation of not making a perfect Olaf, I printed out a cut-out design. It was a little bit like paper piecing, which I used to do a million years ago.

I also used the movie stub from “Frozen.” See – it pays off sometimes to keep everything. I also printed the lyrics from “Do You Wanna Build a Snowman.” Of course, we listened to the song too. It’s important to the scrapbook process, right? 🙂 

Last winter, I used the snowflake punch to make a ton of snowflakes. I used some to make letters and others for decorative purposes. My lettering tools seemed to have been misplaced. Using your own handwriting is fine. I think it adds a personal touch. Unfortunately, my handwriting is not very neat or anything like teachers who have awesome handwriting. I’m still pretty happy with the results of the scrapbook page. 

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