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Are you Parents or Librarians?


Yesterday, the kids and I went to the McDonald’s playground. I know -we need to find a better place. We’ll get into that topic in a later post.
It was fairly quiet. The last time we went it was so loud that I may have lost some hearing.
So a girl says something to her parents in what I thought was a normal way. Apparently, the parents did not agree. I heard them both say “Sshhhhh Chloe. You’re so loud.” They said this to both of their quiet kids several times. I laughed on the inside. They have no idea of what loud is. I’m also not sure that they understood how playgrounds work. Playgrounds are for noise and play. Kids are supposed to be noisy – not screaming necessarily- but laughing and talking louder than a whisper. It is not a library.
By the way, Little Sister #2 ran them off when she started yelling and banging on the pretend helicopter window. God bless that little noisemaker. On the other hand, I hope the shushing parents recover from the assault on their delicate eardrums.

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