Harley Quinn: Comic Book Villains that We Love


Harley Quinn is a fascinating character. Can you believe that she has not been around since the beginning of comic books? Her character was created in 1992 for an animated series. Harley Quinn wasn’t even supposed to be in more than one episode but she was so popular with the fans that she was incorporated into more episodes. Two years later, she had her own graphic novel.
DC has a new Harley Quinn comic book series, “Harley Quinn: Future’s End.” So while the new female heroines, like Ms. Marvel and She-Hulk, are on my pull-list so is Harley Quinn. I just read the first issue. The cover is a 3-D motion picture. If you would like to see it, look at this link:
It reminds me of these Star-Trek sandals that I had when I was a kid. So I guess I was a fangirl when I was six years old too.

(If I stay in bed reading the rest of the issues while watching “The Dark Knight,” instead of blogging or writing a novel, try not to judge me.)

She’s a bad girl but she’s charming and intelligent. I can relate. There are a lot of other comic book fans who feel the same way. Harley Quinn is a really popular character for cosplay. I know a chick that dresses like her on a regular basis. Someone could spend all day looking at artwork that has been done of Harley Quinn – not that I would know anything about that…

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