Autumn of Life: NaBloPoMo



If babyhood is spring and young adulthood is summer, which age do you consider to be the start to the “autumn” of life?


Forty seems about right age for being the “autumn” of life.  Life isn’t over by any means but my hair is more gray than I’d like. One of the residents always asks me if I use a rinse. She always says, “Your hair is so dark. Are you sure you don’t use a rinse? That’s your natural color?!”

She can’t see the gray hair. It’s all about perspective.

My body is also more prone to aches and pains than it used to be. Most of my residents laugh and say “Just wait til you’re 90 honey!”

On the other hand, I think most people are wiser than they were in their 20s. There’s always an exception to the rule. Some people never learn and never grow up.

Does it really matter if you’re mature if you’re 90? I don’t plan on going gently into that good night.  40 is going to be the new 30 or at least I’m going to pretend it is. (My grandma told me she was forty for about three years before I caught on that she was 65. Seems like a good plan.)




Take a look at these pictures of senior citizens. Awesome! I want to be like this when I grow up. 🙂

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