Superstition: Blogtober 14

What are you superstitious about?

1. I only put on left shoe then right shoe. If I put on the right shoe, then I have to start all over.

2. I just avoid ladders to be on the safe side. Step stools are acceptable.

3. I throw salt over my shoulder, even if someone else spills it. I’m not sure if that’s ok. Just covering my bases.

4. I do not go to the lighthouse that I got married at. Every time I go – bad things happen.

5. I broke a mirror about seven years ago. My luck should be changing any day now. (I don’t really believe that. I believe in making your own luck. However, at the time that I broke the mirror, I thought it was bad luck.)

6. When my kids open an umbrella inside, I panic a little bit.


Here is a short article on different superstitions.

6 responses to “Superstition: Blogtober 14”

  1. Baseball players are wonderfully superstitious. You should check some of them out.

    1. I have heard that athletes are pretty superstitious. 🙂

  2. My grandma would completely freak out if anyone opened an umbrella in the house. She used to say that it was because she was worried someone was going to hurt their eye but we all knew how superstitious she was. lol

  3. I’m actually the complete opposite! I have to put on my right shoe before my left!

    1. Wow! We are opposites! Glad I’m not the only one fussy about the shoes! 🙂

  4. I panic a little when someone opens an umbrella inside, too! LOL

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