Halloween 2014: NaBloPoMo/Blogtober 14

Tell us if you’re going to dress up tonight for Halloween. (And better yet, show us a picture of your costume!)



This is the costume that I made for Little Sister #2. She is very excited to be dressing up like Wonder Woman. She said I should be Wonder Woman’s mom for Halloween. So that is the plan for Comic Con tomorrow – she’ll be Wonder Woman and I will be Wonder Woman’s mom.
Excuse me while I go find some clothes worthy of a superhero’s mother.

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  1. Happy Halloween 2 U! 👿

    1. Thanks! Happy Halloween Cindy! 🙂

  2. Okay, I so have to do this next year! Super hero’s and tutu’s better still be in fashion!

    Who am I kidding?

    They’re always in fashion!

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