It’s not the Love Boat: NaBloPoMo


Where is the one place you would never want to go on vacation that other people seem to love?

People seem to like cruises in spite of all of the cruise mishaps in the last several years. I still don’t really want to go on a cruise. When I was a kid, I watched “The Love Boat” religiously. I even watched it when I was grounded from the television – that is how much I loved “The Love Boat.”
Any cruise that I would take might not meet my expectations of what a cruise should be. I’m already disappointed that Isaac won’t be my bartender. If I call the bartenders Isaac, they’ll think I’m a jerk. How many times do they have to tell me “Ma’am, my name is Chris.” My reply will probably be “Whatever, Isaac.” This might be when they cut me off from alcohol or throw me overboard. (I wonder if Isaac aka Ted Lange goes on cruises. If so, does he get stuck taking pictures at the bar?)

Mazatlán was a popular destination on the show. Has anyone been there? I’m not sure if I want to go. What about Cancun or the Bahamas? I would love to visit the Caribbean Islands and Mexico but Cancun doesn’t appeal to me either.

Once I went to pick up my pictures at Wal-Mart. I was expecting pictures of my kids with Santa. What I received were pictures of Kid Rock and Uncle Kracker on a celebrity cruise. Are celebrity cruises the cheesiest of the cheesy celebrity gatherings? I like comic book conventions so the chances are good that I will like a cruise filled with celebrities. Will I really care if they are b-list or whatever? Probably not.

So if anyone wants to send me on a cruise so I can decide if I like cruises, please contact me.