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The Mockingjay: I Love Effie!



Katniss Everdeen is great but Effie Trinket is fabulous. My favorite part of the “The Hunger Games: The Mockingjay” is when she can’t believe she has to wear jumpsuits until further notice. Effie makes it work. Then she gets back to work as Katniss’ stylist.  It’s not the same without Cinna but Effie does her best.
I did enjoy the movie, although I did not read the third book. So I was surprised at the end. I almost jumped out of my seat. My neighbor would have been surprised too.  She was crying for quite a bit of the movie. She was probably upset because the love triangle gets more challenging and confusing. It could have been because Katniss was crying. Seriously, I wanted to cry too but I didn’t have any tissues left.

How long until the second part comes out? Oh right, next November.  The wait will be worth it. I have to believe that it will be worth it.  People have a lot of time,money and emotions wrapped up in this story. Or is it just me?

So I have a whole year to come up with a Halloween costume based on “The Hunger Games.” I’m hoping I can be Effie.  I need to work on the bandana turban. All of my daughters want to be Katniss. I already have a bow and arrow set.  Two more bow and arrow sets to go. We’ll be ready for part 2.



Which Hunger Games Character Are You?

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