overheard: weekly writing challenge


It was difficult not to overhear the three of them shouting. Everyone around them could not understand what would make the man try to attack the Marine. The man’s sister was trying to hold him back. She told the Marine to walk away but he wasn’t listening either.

It became more clear when the man screamed, “You set them up. You knew  the area wasn’t safe. And they all died because of you!”

Everything was so much quieter, except for the man and the Marine. The Marine didn’t  deny the accusations. The only thing he  said was, “You made it home. Didn’t you soldier?”

The man had also been a Marine. Now here he was  home and trying to enjoy a nice Memorial Day celebration with his family. Then this Marine appeared and ruined the moment.

The man did walk away but the Marine kept following him.

We aren’t sure what happened next.


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