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What recipe are you known for amongst your friends and family?

Prompts like these make me wish I was a better cook.


In my family, I am known more for recipe disasters than successes. When Little Sister #1 was 2, I decided to make a cake. I should have just stopped right there before I even opened the box of cake mix. I should have just gone to the bakery and ordered a cake.

However, I did not. I also thought I would be fancy and take the cake out of the pan by turning it upside down. Who knew it would break in half? Probably someone like the Cake Boss would have known. Who knew it would also not be a clean break but more of a crumbled break? Again, I’m sure the Cake Boss would have predicted the outcome.

cake boss

I’m not really anything like a cake boss but Little Sister #1 would appreciate the image anyway. 🙂 It needs something – maybe some cake.

Although, I don’t cook – I know people. Most of those people are on my Pinterest Board called “Food or Something like it.” There are a lot of talented people that really are talented cooks, bakers and the like.


I also did a post about food blogs. You can read it here

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