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Pinpals Unite: Searching for Pinpals


It seems like just yesterday, Kate from and I were talking . . . wait, it was yesterday. We were discussing how we live so far apart and wouldn’t it be so great if we lived closer. I’m opting for a move to Texas. I live in Ohio and it is frigid right now. Let’s face it, it will be frigid for a few more months.
So from that conversation about distance, Pinterest and Yoga, we thought of the idea for doing a long distance art project.
We looked on Pinterest, of course, and found this project. However, we would like to invite a few more friends to join in. If you are interested, contact me on the blog, Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest. The idea is to do one of the puzzle pieces and send it back by February 14. We’ll put it together. Take lots of photographs. I’m sure we’ll do a blog post about it.
It’ll be fun! So let me know who wants a puzzle piece.

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