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Why Don’t I like Dogs?


My new friend, Henrietta at asked me why I don’t like dogs. It’s a valid question. What is my deal with not wanting a dog?

There’s nothing wrong with dogs per se. My heart is not completely hardened towards dogs.

Henrietta’s question made me think about the real reason. For a few months, I was a home health nurse aide. I went into various homes, where there were various dogs and cats. No monkeys.

During this time, I had the worst time with dealing with the dogs of my clients. I met some of the most misbehaved dogs on the planet.

There was “Pepper.” Pepper was the meanest Chihuahua. One day, I came a few minutes early. The owners did not have her tied up like they usually did. She charged me and bit a hole in my shoe. She just missed biting my toe. Thank goodness for having short toes.

Who could forget “Bosco”? Not me. I am still having nightmares. Bosco was a huge dog, who didn’t want to sit anywhere but on my lap. Too much dog, not enough lap. It was really difficult to work with a dog pinning me to the couch. Finally, after about 30 minutes, someone put him in another room.

I really can’t blame the dogs for being jerks. The owners just didn’t know how to handle or train their dogs. The owners in these two situations were the problem. Sometimes owners and dogs should just  go to doggy school.

What was the name of that lady who had a show about dog training? Walkeeees!! She was an older lady with white hair. Barbara Woodhouse.

*Names have been changed to protect the identities of dogs and owners.

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