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A Woman’s Worth


What is a woman worth? How do you measure worth?

I suppose you could base it on how much money a woman makes. You could base it on whether they have a job and pay their taxes. I had an ex that thought women were worthless if they didn’t make a lot of money. Personally, I did not think he made a valid point.

Then does that make stay-at-home moms worthless? No, I don’t think so. Being a parent is caring for and contributing to someone else’s life. It’s not pointless. Many would say that being a stay-at-home parent is a job in itself.

What about women that don’t have children? Are they worth less than a woman who is a mother? No, certainly not. I know many women who do not have children. They are wonderful women with or without children.

Are you worthless if you don’t have a significant other? It might feel like that sometimes but being single doesn’t make a person worthless. In the same respect, being married doesn’t necessarily make a person worth more. Does it?

Google has not been helpful with this question. There’s really not a definite way to measure a woman’s worth.

There was an online quiz. There’s always a quiz, isn’t there? It said that I’m worth $1,145,000. The amount sounds good to me, even if it’s not true. (Take that aforementioned ex! I am somebody!)

I don’t have a definite answer either. It seems that a woman’s worth should be based on whether she is an honorable person and whether she contributes to society in a positive way. If a woman has pride in herself, that’s what matters. If a woman  can hold her head high, then who can say she is worthless? I don’t think anyone can.




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