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Suffrin’ From Apathy. Suffrin’ for Apathy


Do you always exercise your right to vote? Why or why not?

I have taken my right to vote for granted. Women all over the world have fought for the right to vote. They’ve been jailed, abused and harassed so that they could win voting rights. They’ve stood out in the rain with their babies.

When was the last time that any of us have felt so passionately about something that we stood out in the rain with our babies? I might have stood in the rain for some concert tickets or something petty like that.

It’s not that I have never voted. I have rocked the vote and worn the sticker that says so. The reason that I did not register the last time that I moved is ridiculous. Any reason that I would mention is not good enough for not voting.

If you are in the same self-inflicted predicament as I am, then let’s make a promise to register to vote. Let’s make a date to do it this week.

Some states have online voter registration. Other states have forms online. You can register at the DMV. It’s still really simple to register.

We should thank all of those ladies who made it possible to vote. Without them, we would still be standing in the rain waiting on what is rightfully ours.

Since I really don’t want to wait outside, I’m printed my registration form. It’s on the top of the to-do list.


P.S. My boyfriend has been on my case about not voting for two years. He was so happy that I was going to register that he whistled for a minute. I wonder if he’ll think “Suffragette” is a good band name. Maybe or maybe not.


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