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Another Day of Not Ruling the World

This is a real world domination meeting. It’s a real thing. muahahaha!

My boyfriend told me about a meeting he has to attend today. He wanted me to guess. Just as a fluke, I said, “Here.” He said it was here. I thought maybe he was joking. Or I was still in a migraine fog. Or I was drunk and didn’t know it. Maybe he was drunk and I didn’t know it.

I joked that we could hold the meeting in our bedroom like Yoko Ono and John Lennon. We could wear white pajamas. He didn’t go for it. Too bad. It could’ve been beautiful.

I asked him again today. The meeting is really at my house. I won’t be here and yet I’m freaking out. People are going to be at my house.He is still not into the white pajama party idea.

He told me an hour ago that people would be here any minute. I might have freaked out some more. He was joking. Oh, that man and his jokes.

I’ve been helping to clean the house. Really, it’s just a ploy so I can ensure that I don’t leave my plans for world domination laying around.

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