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Nellie Bly was Super Fly: NaBloPoMo


Lately, I’ve been reading quite a bit about Nellie Bly. Now there was a woman ahead of her time. Let me tell you why.

First of all, she was determined. She wanted to become a journalist. Her first assignment was to go undercover in an asylum. Most people – man or woman – would run away screaming from such a daunting task.

Not Nellie Bly. She took the assignment and completed it. Due to her expose on the deplorable conditions in the asylum, a grand jury began an investigation of the asylum. The grand jury recommended that funds should be awarded to improve the care of the patients.

To put this into context, the year was 1887. It was not as common for women to work outside of the home, much less do investigative reporting.

She also went around the world in 72 days. Take that Phileas Fogg.

Did you know that Nellie Bly holds two patents (US patents 703,711 and 697,553)? One if for a milk can and the other one is for a stacking garbage can. Fascinating.

P.S. She was not a pirate, a sailor or related to Captain Bligh, just in case you were wondering. Of course, she probably would have been leading the mutiny, if she had been a sailor on the HMS Bounty.

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