It has been awhile since a news story has moved me to tears. It’s more than just a news story. The story of Austin Tice is about a real person who is a real journalist, with a real family. Tice has been held captive since August 2012. No one really knows where he is, except that we do know that he was in Syria when he disappeared.

Two years, almost three years, is a long time to go without a lot of the things that we take for granted. We know that he has not been in contact with his family. We don’t know how well he is eating or if he has had a shower. We don’t know the extent of abuse that he has endured.

We know that he should be returned to his family immediately. It’s been too long.

There is a campaign that was begun by his family to find Austin Tice. His family encourages everyone to sign the petition and do a blindfolded selfie with the hastag #freeaustintice.

The link is at the bottom of this page. Please sign the petition and do a selfie. It’s something that we can do to help bring Tice home.



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