Chrysalis CD Review: A to Z Challenge


When I played this “Focus on the Center” CD by Chrysalis for the first time, I had to turn it down. That’s a good sign. It was pretty rockin’ right from the beginning. This group is so talented that they could play any type of music.

I really enjoyed the song “Instant Silence.” It’s not as heavy as the other songs but it’s still my favorite. There was one instrumental song, “Tumbula.” Instrumental doesn’t mean boring, at least not on this album.

All in all, I would totally recommend “Focus on the Center.” The songs were all good, yet different from each other. If you get a chance to see them live, I don’t think that you’ll regret it. Hopefully, we’ll get to see them when they come around in the summer.

I interviewed the lead singer,Yessi Burton, last June. He offered to come play in my backyard. It sounds like a plan to me. They could keep the neighbor’s rooster awake for the majority of the evening. It would be awesome.

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I could be the worst cook in America. My boyfriend tells his friends about my cooking disasters. I'm glad someone is amused. I like movies, music, comic books and corny jokes.

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