Europe CD Review: A to Z Challenge

Europe CD review

What has the band Europe been doing since the days of big hair and hanging up on the walls of millions of teenagers?

They’re making music and touring. They are definitely not ready for the rocking chair yet. It’s been awhile since I’ve listened to Europe: We’re talking “Final Countdown” days.

I used to have a boyfriend that would sing “Carrie” to me over the phone. He was a terrible singer. Plus, my name is not Carrie. Still, the song and the band hold a special place in my heart.

The band has a new record out. The lead singer, Joey Tempest, still has a great voice. He sounds different, more mature. They had a really good producer, Dave Cobb, on this album, which is half of the battle.

If a band has the right producer, it can make a huge difference in having a mediocre album and a great album.

I’m always so glad to do CD reviews of decent bands. No one cries when they read my scathing review or sends me hate mail. Everyone is happy.

I’m just saying that I let the whole album play all of the way through. Nothing is bad on this album. I didn’t skip anything because everything was awesome. Yes, everything is awesome. I said it.

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