j and the 9s: a to z challenge

Yes. This is the my favorite band – maybe of all time. I love this band. I found them while looking for a band that starts with J. Let me tell you, everyone has a band that starts with J, a last name and a number.

I was starting to lose hope. Then I clicked on j and the 9s on Reverbnation.

After listening to their music, I realized that my prayers for the year have been answered. I was totally looking for a band that says, “I like feather boas and punk rock.” Besides all of purple wigs and glitter, they are super talented.

It has been a long time since I’ve liked a band so much. When I was sixteen, I heard Janis Joplin on the radio and was just mesmerized. I had a similar feeling when I heard J and the 9s – completely mesmerized.



7 thoughts on “j and the 9s: a to z challenge”

  1. I saw them in Fayetteville, NC playing at The Rock Shop. Had a BLAST!!! Got drunk with all of them (except for J; she was working the merch table). They were all not only incredibly talented with great stage presence, but they were all super cool people to boot!!!

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