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Pretty Reckless vs. Paloma Faith vs. Phox: A to Z Challenge Battle of the Bands


Let the Battle of the Bands begin! In one corner, we have The Pretty Reckless. In the opposite corner is Paloma Faith. The other band in the ring, is Phox. The letter P couldn’t have three more different musical acts.

The Pretty Reckless is the band that your mom warned you about. They totally rock, of course.

Paloma Faith is a classy British singer. Your mom will definitely like her.

Phox is just like a breath of fresh air. I can see myself sitting around listening to them on breezy summer days. It’s totally summer road trip music and yet, they are so much more.

I enjoy them all.They are the best of what’s going on in the music world. How can I choose one to be the best band that starts with the letter p?

This post is sponsored by the Prude PC Police Police. Just kidding! There’s no such group.

As you can tell by the first group, we’re not so prudish around here. Sorry,we’re not sorry.

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